I stood beside the ocean And asked the restless wave– To what eternal troubling, To what quest are you slave? With orient pearls by thousands Your mantle’s edges shine, But is there in your bosom One gem, one heart, like mine? –It shuddered from the shore and fled, It fled, and did not speak. I […]


Many times I wonder, many times I fear. Too many times I pondered ‘why am I here?’. I prayed to God and He will answer me in time. But many times, waiting feels like a crime. As I watch people come in and out of my life. But, I wonder am I living a good […]


For some odd reason these sher’s which i wrote a while ago keeps coming to my mind ! Thought it would be nice to share with you guys ….If you cant Understand Urdu, This is not for you because there will be no sense in translating this in English…URDU HAS ITS OWN FLAVOR…ENJOY ! Reza-reza […]